Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Adventure Begins

Well the adventure begins today. I'm at airport waiting for my flight Toronto with a connection to Paris. I've taken bike trips previously but this will certainly be the most adventurous so far. Weeks of preparation we completed by midnight with the final item going into the bag before heading off to bed.

Over the years I developed a checklist that I use for these trips, sometimes adding sometimes subtracting. It always seems while I'm packing that I need to add to the list, but after each trip I find stuff at the bottom of my bags that I never used and should have left home. Oh well, cross the extra items off the list for next trip.


Every trip the technology changes and there are new gadgets to experiment with. 2002 wast the first trip with a website, 2003 trip to Great Britain (End to End) was the first digital camera.

This year I'm traveling with a Garmin 800 GPS that I hope will keep me from getting lost. It also electronically keeps all the biking statistics and plots the trip map. We'll see how well the web interface works as I will be trying to link the blog to the maps.... We'll see how well it works.  I also picked up a new computer for the trip as well, it a Samsung Chromebook. I was a beta user for the original Google CR-48 Chromebook and have really enjoyed using it for the past couple of years, but the new faster, sleeker and lighter seemed to be ideal for this trip. Like the Garmin GPS, we'll see how well it works out.

I hear my flight being called, so it's off to the adventure!!! Wish me well.

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